• My clients are saying:
    “My little black dress fits again”

  • My clients are saying:
    “I can tuck my blouses in now”

  • My clients are noticing:
    Skin tightening, even in untreated areas such as face and chest

  • My clients are noticing:
    Relief from R.A. pain

  • My clients are noticing:
    Diminished appearance of stretch marks

  • My clients are saying:
    “I can tuck my blouses in now”

  • My clients are saying:
    “My little black dress fits again”

  • My clients are noticing:
    More sound sleep on treatment days

  • My clients are noticing:
    Softer scar tissue

  • My clients are noticing:
    Accelerated healing of bruises

First released to the public in 1986, Body Endermologie® has taken the world by storm.  One-hundred percent natural in its slimming and age-defying technology, and validated by more than 128 scientific studies, Endermologie® is present in over 110 countries, where more than 200,000 people receive treatments every day.

Body Endermologie® is a mechanized technique, combining regulated suction and two rollers to symmetrically and rhythmically fold and unfold the skin.  This technique increases your body’s own naturally-occurring processes.  Your body already releases fat; Body Endermologie® increases this process – called Lipolysis – by more than 70% for slimming.  Your body already produces collagen and elastin; Body Endermologie® increases its production for toning.  Your body already circulates blood and drains the lymph; Body Endermologie® increases these processes by up to 400% and 300%, respectively, to reduce cellulite.  No injections, no cutting, completely non-invasive, 100% natural! Choose a 35-minute pre-programmed treatment, or design your own program by combining several spot treatments!

Endermologie Results
Endermologie Demo
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Facial Endermologie® utilizes flap technology to achieve noticeable improvement in facial tone, wrinkle reduction, and under-eye circles.  It’s the first and only technique in the world that has been scientifically proven, outside of the U.S., to increase natural hyaluronic acid production by up to 80%.  It also increases natural elastin production by up to 46%.  Its ultra-precise horizontal and vertical tissue stimulation is non-invasive, and painless, and so pampering, it’s hard not to drift to sleep during your 30-minute treatment!

Endermologie Results
Endermologie Demo
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Cindy CollinsMeet Your Practitioner – Cindy Collins

“The City’s Foremost Authority” (Industry Magazine)

At age 11, I had bi-lateral reconstructive foot surgery.  My surgeon recommended “lots of swimming” as therapy, so my parents signed me up for a club swim team.  My journey with swimming lasted well beyond my recovery…..I swam for several club teams, my high school, my city…took a break from competition during my college undergraduate years…..resumed competition during graduate school until retiring from competition in the mid-90’s.  Thereafter, I continued to swim for fitness.

My relationship with Endermologie® began as a result of swimming.  Though I was a workout fiend, swimming a dozen miles a week with a Masters club team, I was self-conscious of my changing skin, to the point of feeling compelled to wrap my towel around my waist while walking around on deck.  In 1998 I watched a national news magazine touting Endermologie’s® benefits.  Skeptical, but willing to try anything, I began receiving Endermologie® treatments.  I was flipping my towel over my shoulder in no time!

And with that, a true Endermologie® believer was born!

As I continued to receive Endermologie® treatments during the ensuing six years, I knew I’d find greater fulfillment in introducing Endermologie® to others who were unaware of this marvel in technology, than in continuing to serve “Corporate America”.  So in 2005, after 18 years of service within, mostly, the health care sector, I said “So long!” to my middle-management career, achieved LPG Level 1 certification and licensure, and opened my first Endermologie® practice in St. Joseph, Missouri.  I even returned to LPG one year later for Level 2 certification, a.k.a. “Expert” – Endermologie’s highest credential!  Shortly afterward, I moved my practice to Kansas City where I continued training and networking with Endermologie® professionals from around the country, keeping current on advances in research, and for “pointers” from some of this country’s most highly-skilled professionals, all to gain knowledge to better serve my clients.

In 2011 I moved my practice to Arizona, and in 2015, to celebrate my 10-year anniversary, I upgraded my Endermologie® technology to the “Integral 2” – LPG’s latest advancement, returned to LPG for “Integral” Body and “Integral” Face certification, then watched with amazement as my clients’ bodies changed, seemingly, right before our eyes!

When I remove my “small business owner” cap, I enjoy ballroom dancing, hiking, and exploring my adopted hometown and surrounding areas.

Now armed with 12 years of focused, continuous practice, four Endermologie® credentials, a higher-than-industry-average success rate, and the “Integral 2” – the world’s most advanced Endermologie® technology, you will be hard-pressed to find a more passionate practitioner of Endermologie®!  Let’s get started on your transformation!  Call me today at (480) 226-4984!

Endermologie® Treatment

Southwest Silhouettes, LLC
5777 S. Rural Rd. #5
Tempe, AZ 85283
(480) 226-4984


Founded in 1986 and continually innovating, LPG, the pioneer in non-invasive beauty and wellness technologies, has released its eighth, and latest, generation advancement:  the “Integral 2.”  Introduced in 2013, this marks a real turning point in, both, design and technology.  The treatment head has been enlarged and completely redesigned, delivering the most advanced techniques for precision body and facial treatments, offering never-obtained results.

With more than 60 targeted beauty programs, the “Integral 2” is sure to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.  Whether you are male or female…..whether it’s body or face….cellulite reduction or toning, or a combination of both…replumping wrinkles or firming, or both……the “Integral 2” is here and is producing amazing results!  And, at an average series of 12 treatments, the “Integral 2” is yielding faster results than previous generations!  What’s more, the first thing the seasoned Endermologie® client notices is just how gentle the “Integral 2” is, compared to previous generations’ models.

FDA-cleared, painless, and non-invasive, your treatment will be customized to suit your needs.


(Uncompensated testimonials)

“These un-retouched photos were taken eight weeks apart. I had started a workout plan by Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL) and she advised Endermologie®, diet and exercise. I was so pleased with the results I achieved by including Endermologie®. As a medical professional, I really appreciate the care and professionalism Cindy provides. It’s a pleasure each and every time I see her. Pushing 60 myself, I couldn’t be more pleased to finally have a solution to my cellulite for the first time in my life.”

Name Withheld
Overland Park, KS

Endermologie Front Before

Front Before

Endermologie Front After

Front After

Endermologie Side Before

Side Before

Endermologie Side After

Side After

“Trimming down my thigh and glute area for competition has been a challenge. I rely on Endermologie® to smooth my skin and give me confidence in front of the judges when I’m wearing just my bikini! In my twenties and early thirties I was not a fitness competitor. I had cellulite, and hated wearing a swimsuit in the summer. I started a program of working out, Endermologie® and a healthy lifestyle, and now I’m a Fitness Masters Champion at the age of 38!”

Trisha Masuda – KCMO
WNSO Fitness Model Masters Midwestern States Champion 2007
Fame Fitness Pro

Endermologie - Trisha Masuda

Trisha Masuda

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Endermologie® at Southwest Silhouettes:

  1. As an “aging” baby-boomer I have been able to maintain a healthy weight and still look proportioned.
  2. My face and upper body are not “gaunt-looking” while my lower body is slimmer.
  3. A key to looking youthful is to not only take care of an aging face but an aging body as well.
  4. Unlike (other non-invasive alternatives available) (some of which I’ve tried) Endermologie (treats) the entire body and not just specific spots.
  5. Endermologie is not invasive and not uncomfortable. I sometimes practically doze off.
  6. The price is right. No gimmicks. No packages to buy. You can stop any time you choose.
  7. My entire body is more toned, including “bat wings”, “love handles”, tummy and so on.
  8. I am wearing my skirts a little shorter and more sleeveless tops (nice during the summer months).
  9. I like wearing formfitting clothes and my clothes look more appropriate for my age.
  10. Endermologie® works for me!

Name Withheld – Tucson, AZ

I am enthusiastic about Endermologie® results. In the past, the need to cover my cellulite zones (upper thigh/buttocks) with my hands or a towel was profound. Now, I walk with confidence! Furthermore, the treatment solidifies positive habits to increase success; substantial water consumption and exercise. Thank you Cindy!

Aliaa – Tucson, AZ

“I am so pleased with Endermologie®. I can see a big difference in my skin after (treatments). My skin is tighter and firmer; it is like a huge boost of toning to my workout sessions. I love the feeling after treatments, knowing I will feel more confident showing my legs. My clothes are even looser. When I was younger and smaller, I even had cellulite on my stomach, and that has completely gone away. The cellulite on my legs is becoming less and less (noticeable) with each treatment. Cindy is great at what she does, and is always pleasant, friendly, and more than fair-priced, making the overall experience very satisfactory. I will never go back to the days without Endermologie®. I am hooked for life and proud of it.” Thank you Cindy!”

Jamie – St.Joseph, MO

“If you’ve never tried it – it’s HEAVEN!”

M.Y. – Olathe, KS

“Dear Cindy, I am writing to thank you for helping me with my situation, and to let you know how much the treatments have helped me.

I am a cancer survivor, and was in a bad car wreck four years ago. Due to scar tissue build-up and other problems, I was having a lot of trouble with range of motion, stiffness, bad shoulder pain, lower back pain, etc.

After going to many doctors, specialists, etc., I decided to take matters into my own hands, since I was not getting any better. I started weight training, using Thera-Band, Rolfing, tissue massage, and then I signed up for 20 of your treatments. Since having the treatments, it has helped tremendously in giving me more ability with range of motion, the pain, scar tissue issues, and feeling better all over.

I wanted you to know how it has helped me. I cannot thank you enough, and if you know of someone else with similar issues as mine, please feel free to share my letter with them.

Again, thank you so much for helping me; the treatments have helped so much, and I will continue with a maintenance program with you.”

K.U. – St. Joseph, MO

“I’ve been receiving Endermologie® treatments from Cindy @ Sleek Physique since July of this year (2007). I’m very happy to say that I’ll be wearing a bikini while I’m on vacation in Negril this November.

I have always worked out and played tennis, however, I started noticing some “cottage cheese” on my legs about three years ago (age 45). I always want to look my best, but no matter how much I worked out and dieted I didn’t see improvement. I found Cindy and discovered that Endermologie® is a non-surgical, inexpensive way to improve the appearance of my skin.

I am very happy that I made the initial phone call; I was not sure what to expect. Cindy’s great, the treatment is easy, and I feel great about my appearance.”

Mary Daniels – Kansas City, MO

“After only four treatments, the pain in my shoulder due to tendonitis has decreased significantly. I am 67 years old, which proves you are never too old for Endermologie®!”

S.C. – Shawnee Mission, KS

“Due to a “botched” injection of pain reliever to ease the pain associated with my miscarriage, I’d suffered chronic nerve pain in my hip for more than five years. Much to my surprise and delight, as my cellulite disappeared, so did my pain!”

D.P. – Overland Park, KS

“Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for the gift certificate for my (Endermologie® treatment). I visited Cindy’s studio Saturday and had a great treatment. She was very professional and gave me a wonderful massage. It was very sweet of you to do that for me and I really enjoyed the pampering.


“Dear Cindy,

Thank you for the work that you do! Please feel free to share my story and how you have helped me:
Five years ago, I was suffering from serious illnesses and found myself at 270 lbs on my 5’2″ frame. A lot of my weight was a result of side effects from medications that I was on at the time. I got off of the medications and started to get healthy by working out and eating properly. Now, I am a marathon runner and triathlete. I lost the weight slowly and with great results, but I still struggled with cellulite despite all of my intense workouts. I wanted the outside of my body to match my fitness level. Well, thankfully I found you and Endermologie®. After my first treatment, HALF of my cellulite was visibly gone. I have completed only 5 treatments and a friend asked me yesterday if I had lost weight, because I looked so great. I feel more confident at work and in my workouts because of you. In addition to the cellulite reduction, I have noticed greater energy levels and less muscle pain from the Endermologie®. These treatments are for anyone that wants to increase their confidence and self esteem!

Warm regards.”
TU – Lenexa, KS


Fr:(# withheld by Cindy)
FYI i could c
a difference n
the texture of
my skin after
1 treatment.
Love it. Thnx
5:53P Sat May22

“I was introduced to Endermologie® and referred to Cindy by a sports medicine professional several years ago, with the goal of reducing sagging and adding muscle tone to my upper thighs as a 105 lb., 63 year old competitive runner. Using Cindy’s FDA-approved Endermologie® process resulted in the appearance of reduced sagging and increased muscle tone in my quads; increased core muscle definition, energy and relaxation that is a now an integral part of my recovery regimen to support my running, cycling, swimming and hiking activities!”

M.B. – Lenexa, KS


A huge thanks for helping rid me of my unsightly dimples! It means so much that you are one of the few to provide this service in KC. I enjoy every minute spent with you!


C.O. – Overland Park, KS

“You made my day. My arms look so much better as does my face and consequently my hair and makeup. I was looking quite pasty. Thanks for the gift.”

L.T. – Tucson, AZ

“Decollete is amazing!”

L.T. – Tucson, AZ

“Hello Cindy,
I wanted to follow up to let you know the outcome of my first appointment with you yesterday. This morning was the first morning since my surgery four weeks ago when I did not wake up in agony reaching for my pain medications. My knee was less swollen and I was able to bend it further than I ever have in the mornings.”

A.B. – Tucson, AZ

“You’re so great. I’m doing great. I had a great workout last night…lots of energy. Doing the treatment for myself is actually motivating me to get back to taking better care of myself.”

M.S. – Tucson, AZ

“I feel good. When I woke up this morning I actually felt a bit tighter and less jiggly!

S.J. – Tucson, AZ

“I am feeling well, and as a matter of fact my back pain isn’t as strong as it usually is. I can bend down with less difficulty than usual.”

A.A. – Tucson, AZ

“Today was such me, me therapy. I loved it. You have a Master’s in relaxation and another in Psychology. Thank you so much! It was wonderful.”

D.Z. – Tucson, AZ

“Hi to you. I enjoyed the first session. I think it helped my circulation because my back has felt much better all day. I look forward to next week.”

H.C. – Tucson, AZ

AdvoCare® was founded in 1993 with a vision and a dream to make world-class nutritional products affordable to the masses. It assembled, and is guided by, a scientific medical board with 250 years of collective post-graduate education. AdvoCare® offers balanced nutritional formulation solutions, made of high-quality ingredients that are highly absorbable, clean and pure. AdvoCare® is recommended by the Olympic Standards Committee, and prides itself on its countless unpaid Olympian and professional athlete endorsements. AdvoCare® products work because they address supporting blood sugar focus, and carb-to-protein ratios.

My journey with AdvoCare® quietly began in 2006 when a friend, a professional fitness model, turned me on to “CatalystTM.”  “CatalystTM” was formulated for the 1996 U.S. Olympic Wrestling team, at the request of its coach. He wanted something that would maintain lean muscle mass during calorie restriction. “CatalystTM” keeps the muscles fueled during workouts, so the body won’t cannibalize muscles for energy. It has been nick-named “Butt-in-a-Bottle” and “Six-Pack-in-a-Bottle;” I call it “Hail Damage Repair!” A beautiful compliment to Endermologie®! As such, in 2010, it came up in discussion with a couple of clients during their Endermologie® treatments. They tried it, and loved it! So I told my entire clientele about “CatalystTM,” and interest spread like wildfire! I don’t know why I’d kept it a secret for so many years!

Whether you want to LOOK better, FEEL better, or PERFORM better, AdvoCare® is for you! Check it out at www.AdvoCare®.com.

Advocare Catalyst